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About us

Formerly co-owner of Barnacle Bill’s  Bottom Cleaning, Kathy Welliver decided it was time to take boat bottom cleaning in a new direction.  We focus on what’s under the water and let the experts deal with what’s on top.  

If it’s under the water line, we will clean it, scrape it, scrub it or ream it out. If you want to see the proof, we have plenty of video to show you.

Kathy A Welliver

Founder and CEO

Kathy is a SDI Scuba Instructor finds writing about herself in the 3rd person very awkward. She teaches SCUBA at UNCW, was an assistant dive safety officer and an underwater archaeologist in the very distant past.  She loves diving and co-founded Barnacle Bill’s Bottom Cleaning so that she could dive all the time.  She will get OCD on your boat and make sure the job is done right.

Kathy A. Welliver


Boat Bottoms

When we clean, we do the hull, ports and running gear.  If its below the waterline, we will clean it.  

Zinc Changes

If your zincs are shot, we can remove the old ones and install the new ones. we inspect zincs when we clean and will let you know if new ones are needed.

Video Survey

If you need a survey before you sell your boat, give me a call. We can video the bottom for you.

Propeller Pulls

If you having problems with your propeller, we can pull it underwater and deliver it to the Prop Shop.  We will reinstall it once it’s fixed.

Boat Bottoms

When we say we clean boat bottoms, we mean we clean everything from the waterline to the keel.  We do the hull, the ports, the shaft and the propeller.  We do it for one price.

We base our prices on the size of the boat and the estimated time it takes us to clean it.  If your boat is extremely dirty, it will take longer.

Zinc Installation

Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t important.  Zinc prevent corrosion of the propeller and shaft.  You need them. Don’t neglect them!

Whether you buy zincs or we buy zincs for your boat.  It’s important to get the right size.  We will find the correct zincs and install them. 

If you sign up for the Gold or Silver cleaning plan, you will get discounts on zinc’s we purchase.  Depending on the plan, the price of a zinc change is included in the plan.

Propeller Removal and Replace

Problem with your propeller? Hit something in the river and now your boat is shaking like crazy? We can remove the propeller, deliver it to the repair shop and then replace it when it’s fixed. 

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3906 Captiva Ct.
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